Hair extensions

Using the best quality of 100% Remy hair, Grade AAA which is ethically sourced. The hair is double drawn meaning you get ultra thickness from root to tip and no stringy ends! Using the micro tube technique the hair extensions lay flat and are almost invisible when hair is both down and tied up. The hair itself lasts up to 8 months with re fits in between to re tighten the extensions. You do not experience hair loss from these extensions as they are not tight to the scalp and do not involve any heat or glue for the application.

I also offer LA Weaves which are better for clients with finer hair, these also do not require heat or glue for the application, while being slightly more cost affective than micro tubes they require re fits every 6-8 weeks depending on the hair type.

All hair extensions give a natural look and feel, so no need to be worried about them looking fake and different to your own hair.

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